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Neo-Campus 16 Dec



Relax, we got a wonderful cloud based solution. One that will:

  • Generate mark sheets based on the unit code and unit name provided. Acquire your template by making a copy of our MARKSHEET TEMPLATE. Type your unit codes, unit names, lecturer name and emails in the INSTRUCTIONS sheet in the range B5:E84.
  • Generate the work sheets for first year and share with respective lecturers by choosing addon >> Neo-Campus >> Generate >> 1st year. Do the same for the other years by choosing the respective year.
  • If by any chance the process did not complete successfully, correct the error and run refresh by choosing the same year. In case you change lecturer details run re-invite lecturers and choose the year.
  • Invite respective  lecturers to the sheets with limited edit permission to only the marks and reg no sections.
  • Refresh mark sheets if a certain change have been introduced in the units and re-invite lecturers.
  • Re-invite lecturers if by any chance a change have been introduced in the lecturers name or email sections.
  • Import from a previous spreadsheet with data in it. The key to the spreadsheet to import from should be captured and pasted in the INSTRUCTIONS sheet at F3. The sheets in it with data MUST conform with our TEMPLATE standards. Importation is done based on the sheets found in exception of the sheets named INSTRUCTIONS, CONSOLIDATED, FILTERED, CATALOGUE, 1ST YEAR RESULTS, 2ND YEAR RESULTS, 3RD YEAR RESULTS, 4TH YEAR RESULTS, TEMPLATE. These names are reserved and should be used for TEMPLATE sheets only.
  • Invite external examiners to moderate the students marks entered by the lecturers.
  • Send result slips to individual students to their respective emails as a PDF. This require you to have a template text document. Acquire yours by making a copy of our template HERE. Insert the document key at INSTRUCTIONS C3. Do not modify this template words that contain the term “key”. Before you send the result slips first choose Release units >> choose year.
  • Release results to students using a GRADEBOOK.
  • Remove all lectures and moderators by choosing Remove all lecturers.
  • Switch to your individual template by choosing Obtain template. NB. This may require to be ran several times.