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  • System Dashbord
    System Dashbord

Exam generation system

  1. Questions and answers are gathered and fed to the software using predefined format.
  2. Exam or CAT instructions are determined and fed.
  3. The exam structure is set and fed to the software.
  4. Exam is generated by a click of a button.
  5. Questions are randomly selected and their answers attached.



Pupils quizzes 16 Dec

Primary school quizzes

Pupils are provided with downloadable quizzes inform of PDF. The quizzes have emended answers. The pupil is expected to attempt the quiz and mark to get results. The correct answers are also provided by a click of a button.


  • A Laptop or a Computer.
  • Adobe acrobat (version¬† 7 or above)

How to attempt:

  1. Download the copy from this site.
  2. Save it in your laptop, desktop etc.
  3. Open with a PDF reader ( preferable acrobat reader 7 or above).
  4. With the document open, read through the instructions.
  5. Click begin quiz to begin attempt.
  6. Click end quiz to end or stop attempts and get results for the attempt and respective percentage.
  7. Click on correct to let the document fill correct responses for every choice.
  8. Enjoy and let us have any feedback through our email : neodataways@gmail.com.

Download Sample Math Quiz