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Data analysis 16 Dec

Data Analysis & Statistical clinic

We engage in:

  1. Data coding
  2. Data entry
  3. Data analysis
  4. Statistical clinics

Statistical Clinic

It is apparent from many supervisors/students that most of the students are struggling to understand their results if they are not involved in the analysis process. It is important therefore for students to be engaged in the process of statistical data analysis thus the need for statistical clinics to equip the students/potential supervisors with the relevant skills;

Each participant is required to pay KES 2,500 for the one day workshop. This will cover 2 teas and lunch for the day and also meet the trainers/venue costs.

A session will be run only if the quorum of 5 participants.
The maximum number of participants per session is 12.

Each participant should have a laptop with SPSS (at least version 16).

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